​​Steadfast Investigations of Sarasota

​​Investigation Service Fee Schedule:

It is our mission to provide our clients with the highest quality of investigative services while insuring that their privacy is carefully protected. If you are in need of professional investigative services, please call for more information and a free consultation. We will work with you to provide a thorough investigation within your budget requirements.

Clients may make online payments using the secure payment service, PayPal. Money orders are also accepted, please contact us to verify costs before mailing. Personal checks will be accepted, but the investigation will not be initiated until the check clears Steafast Investigations account.

Initial consultation:  No charge.

Surveillance Investigation Pricing:

The following is intended to be a guideline for surveillance investigations. Every case and client is unique, requiring individual attention to detail. We consider time, cost and complexity in each of our client's investigation issues and use only those resources that are necessary to resolve their case. For more information regarding your investigative request, call or email us for more details.

A contract agreement will be completed by the agency. A RETAINER fee, of which a NON-REFUNDABLE cash fee, is to be paid to Steadfast Investigations upon commencement of investigative services to be performed for the CLIENT. The RETAINER paid by CLIENT shall be debited for billable services performed and ** case related expenses incurred by Steadfast Investigations. As the investigation proceeds, you will be advised if additional funds are needed to complete the assignment. Hourly rates begin when we leave our office location in Sarasota, FL and end when we arrive back at our office location. There will be no charges for the initial consultation.  Retainer and travel expenses for investigations and security services that require out of state or out of country travel will be determined on a case by case basis.

Initial Retainer Fee $1500.00 to be paid on initiation of investigation. The retainer will pay for the first twelve hours of Investigation
Standard Hourly Investigation Fee $125.00/ hour per investigator.
Report Preparation* $250.00 Billed at two (2) hours
*This includes report preparation, photographs and videos
Court Appearances - subpoenaed or otherwise, are billed at the rate of $500.00 (half day up to (4) four hours per investigator. $1000.00 (full day over (4) hours per investigator. Mileage for any appearance outside Sarasota/ Manatee Counties billed at $0.58/ mile per vehicle, to and from location.
**All other fees will be charged at cost. This includes any and all expenses paid out of pocket that directly benefit the case, i.e. confidential informants, photo copies, hotel expense, etc. Prior to these expenses being incurred, you will be contacted for approval.

Background Checks

Level One Background Checks   $.​125.00.  Database only.

Level Two Background  Check    $ 500.00.  Database, law enforcement reports from jurisdictions where they have lived, social media report.

Level Three Background Check  $ 2500.00. Database, law enforcement reports from jurisdictions where they have lived, social media report. financial report

​Pricing on Corporate, out of state and international jobs will be handled on a case by case situation.